Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bully Summary Response Redo

Summary Response Outline Redo
By: Rachel Kelley, Mikaila Kuhl

  • Topic sentence: title, author, strong verb, main idea
    • The movie Bully directed by Lee Hirsch sheds light on how bullying affects one’s life.
  • According to the movie, people commit, or attempt suicide because they felt as though could no longer live through the relentless physical and emotional bullying. The movie shows how bullying can cause mental problems, such as self doubt.
  • Concluding sentence: restate main idea
    • Lee Hirsch clearly depicts how bullying can influence one’s decisions in life .
  • Only third person
  • Supporting ideas
    • no quotes
  • facts; no opinions
  • Explain ideas
  • Concise
  • Attribute ideas back to author
  • No plot
  • In your own words

  • Make an argument
  • take a position (correctly or incorrectly portrays)

  • Topic sentence: title, author, strong verb, agree/disagree (correctly portrays/ incorrectly portrays), because ___________ and ______________
    • Bully directed by Lee Hirsch correctly depicts how bullying may hinder one’s life because it can lead to suicide.
  • Claim 1:
    • Set-up
      • As the film proceeds, many different stories are told of how suicide affects someone. One student, Ty, was eleven years old when he was pushed so far he chose to end his own life. Ty was bullied to the point where he felt he did not deserve to live any longer.
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “ quotation” (       )
      • Another boy, Alex, was interviewed in the film and stated, “I’m starting to think that I don’t feel anything anymore,” (Hirsch).
    • Explanation of quotation to prove claim
      • Alex told this to his mom because he had been bullied for so long, he felt like he became immune to the bullying that occurred every day. He also stated that he would think that when people would bully him they were just joking around, in order to not accept that fact that he was being bullied. Him thinking that he doesn’t feel anything anymore could lead to suicide.  
  • Counterclaim 1: However, ....
    • Set-up
      • However, not all people that are bullied commit suicide. Kelby, a high school student, is bullied and discriminated because she is gay. While she was bullied by both teachers as well as students, she did not commit suicide, but rather pushed through it and thought she could change people’s views.
    • Evidence: Lead-in  “ quotation” (       )
      • As said by Kelby, “All it takes is one person to stand up against bullying,” (Hirsch).
    • Explanation of quotation to prove counterclaim
      • While Kelby was bullied just as much, if not more, as other students across the country, she decided that suicide was not the solution, and took a different approach to the problem. This is an example of bullying not leading to suicide, but rather an attempt to come to a better resolution.
  • What are the strengths/ flaws of this argument?(Rebuttal)
    • At first glance bullying seems like an easy problem to fix. This position seems reasonable because some people that are victim of bullying choose to take the different approach and try to stand up to the bullying, such as Kelby. However, most people that are victims of bullying do get damaged though because the mental and physical abuse is too much to handle. Often, students communicate their feelings and express their emotions through self-harm and suicide.
  • Concluding sentence: restate main idea
    • Overall, Hirsch clearly depicts how self-harm is a common result to bullying and one’s life is often damaged when bullying takes place.

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  1. Good summary-

    Good response:Push forward thinking in your rebuttal. Use the rebuttal progression model to help you in this process. This is one area to work on.

    Concluding sentence: add title